Monday, May 16, 2011

Catching Up!

Hello Everyone!

Just popping in to say yes, I am still alive. I survived all of my final exams and have finished submitting grades! I have been quite busy the past few weeks and once I finally got back into the blogging mood we had the "Blogger-gate 2011" with the long outage. Anyways, last week I was providing guest posts for my dear friend Cassandra over at Delightfully Gluten-Free. If you ever were curious about what type of make up I wear, here's a link to my post on Gluten-Free Beauty!

I should be back to my normal blogging regime, and yes Feedsack Friday will be back this week! I promise I'll have something good!

Anyways, to leave you today I have a few outfit photos from spring break when my husband and I went to visit the McNay art museum in San Antonio. If you ever get a chance to visit, I would highly recommend it. The McNay is absolutely beautiful and has an excellent collection of early 20th century American, and modern art, as well as one of the most fabulous pate de verre glass collections that I have seen outside of Europe.

 My outfit consists of Nudeedudee's fabulous knit top, a pair of Level 99 capris I bought from Anthropologie ages ago, as well as my Miss L Fire Mahalo's that are far more comfortable than they look! I promise! (If you haven't been able to tell from previous posts, I'm a huge Miss L Fire fan...)
Be afraid no make up!

One of the entrances to the McNay, it was originally a home that housed a large collection of art that was later endowed to create the permanent collection of this museum.


  1. ooh that house/museum looks fabulous! Sadly I don't think I'll be anywhere in the vicinity soon ;o)

    As always I look forward to feedsack friday!!

  2. oh, how cool! You look wonderful in the green stripes and ADORE those shoes!!

  3. Those shoes really are fabulous-- they remind me of Carmen Miranda! (In a good way!)
    Congrats for getting through the semester!! It's such a great feeling :D

  4. Dakota, it's funny that you mention Carmen Miranda (who I totally love anyways) because this Friday's feedsack is going to be Carmen Miranda themed!!!!! (and it's AMAZING!)

  5. Looking darling as always, super cute. I wish I looked half as good w/o makeup!! Jell-o! Congrats on finishing up your semester, you deserve some leisure time.