Friday, April 22, 2011

Feedsack Friday! and a few Victory Garden Photos!

Hello Everyone!

I hope all of you readers are  having a fabulous holiday weekend! In honor of Earth Day and the Spring-like weather (or technically more Summer/desert-like here in Texas at the moment...) I have a few photos of one of my favorite floral feedsack designs photographed in my garden.

The Tomatillos are plotting to take over the entire porch!
So far the Victory garden is going quite well, I have only had one casualty. One of my tomato plants is mysteriously dying. I am not quite sure why but the Roma tomato plant as well as the cherry tomato plant are thriving. I have tomatillos setting right now as well, I cannot wait to make home made salsa from them in a few weeks! More of my recent photos can be found on my Flickr AND my tomatillo bloom photo I posted a few weeks ago was featured in a post on Offbeat Home! *insert bragging link here*

I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday and now it is time to go make a pretty drink and go sit out on the porch!  I will leave you with one last photo of the eggplant that is about to bloom...


  1. oooh impressive! I am currently starting from scratch with my garden so to see so many plants is truly amazing to me!

  2. HI LOVELY LADY!Your comment made me smile! I'm so happy that the jumper has such a great success!!!greetz,xxx

  3. I should restart my garden, but it's such a mess...I want to make a garden full of fruits, herbs, etc.