Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The last memory of the cool season...

The summer heat has officially arrived in Texas. Lately it feels like the whole world is on fire, mainly because of the 90 degree weather and because I have been waking up to ash covering my garden each morning from the fires spreading across the state.

 Today's outfit post is of the last "cool" day that I expect to see until November. It was taken a few weeks ago at the local winery where we went out for birthday drinks with a friend. I am still getting used to this whole posing for photos aspect of this blog but eventually I will get better. Here I am wearing my favorite Nudeedudee rayon puffed sleeve blouse, denim sailor style pants from Allure Original Styles, vintage Orlon sweater, Miss L Fire shoes, and snood from Arthelia's Attic!
Hope everyone is having a lovely week! Here's one last photo of the vinyards. As you can tell it is a bit dry here, hopefully we will get rain soon...


  1. Beautiful outfit!
    I especially love the slacks!

  2. great outfit! I don't do posing, I should but I hate how i look in pics, maybe when I've lost some weight!

    You lucky thing, we can get cool weather even in August :o(

  3. wow, it's crazy how absolutely different the weather is where you are, as opposed to here! Our local vineyards are still "asleep." Anyway, I digress: I love every little bit of this outfit. Those trousers are ADORABLE!

  4. LOL! Straight Talking Mama, I'll trade you some of your cool for the 110F weather that's on it's way here this summer! I have learned that there is a point when it gets too hot even for vintage repro much less vintage!!!

  5. Lovely! And I wish it was warm here...we're lucky to get 55 degree days so far.

  6. gorgeous trousers! love the whole outfit :)