Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Texas Bucket List

So one of the many reasons I started this blog was to serve as a chronicle of my last years in Texas before I graduate with my last college degree (yeah, there have been a few...) and have to move away due to lack of jobs within my specialty here. Anyways, to try and enrich this experience as much as possible, I have decided to make a Texas "Bucket List" with all of the places and things I want to do before I finally move on. I will probably update this list from time to time and mark off items or add them based on new ideas, but for now here's my list:

Eat as much Barbecue as possible - (beef barbeque preferably, I am not a fan of pork)

Watch the Fireworks one 4th of July at Washington on the Brazos - I've been trying to do this for years and it never seems to work out for me, maybe next year

Photograph some of the "dying" towns - if you've grown up or traveled in this area you know what I'm talking about, the tiny train and farming/ranching towns of Texas that are disappearing back into the sands.

Have my grandparents take me on an in depth tour of Galveston and take video their stories and of growing up on the Island.- this is something that I have been meaning to do for a long time, and I wish I had done it before Hurricane Ike, but hopefully I will get a chance to before we leave. 

Go to a Jerry Jeff Walker concert at Gruene Hall - because well they're both legends.... 

Chicken Challenge. - If you are not familiar with Texas A&M traditions it involves the Dixie Chicken.

Saying goodbye to the Forsyth Galleries - I think I've been slowly doing this for the past year or two since I have stopped volunteering there, but it is still terribly hard and it hurts at times. I made some of my closest friends and created some of my best memories here. This is a place that allowed me to travel the world and introduced me to the art community without judging me for not having the proper background of a traditional student docent when I joined. I just hope it can remain that way for future students....

Texas Reds Festival - at least it's in October so we'll only get mild heat stroke now?

Spend some more time hanging out with my cows - because they are awesome and I do not visit them enough.

Austin City Limits - I want to go to a live taping of it. It's been close to the top of my "wish list" for years..... 

ACL Music Festival - (This is different from Austin City Limits TV Show taping) - and we actually got tickets this year! I have never gone before because I have always used the "Oh I'll go next year" excuse, and since this will run out in another two years, I'm so excited to go it is not even funny, we got single day tickets for the Saturday. We will be hopefully getting to see Stevie Wonder, Alison Krauss & Union Station, Wanda Jackson, Gillian Welch, TV on the Radio, Fitz and the Tantrums and more....  

We will see what else I end up adding to this list but for now I am pretty happy with it. To sign off tonight, I have one of my all time favorite Gillian Welch songs in honor of our ACL tickets. Oh and yes, I promise there will still be a Feedsack Friday post!

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  1. This sounds like a great list! It certainly inspires a visit to TX. Mmmm barbecue!!!! My friend Mari's family is from Galveston, it looks like such a beautiful place to visit!!