Friday, March 25, 2011

Feedsack Friday!

So last week I missed out on Feedsack Friday due to it being Spring Break,  I chose to run away from town for my 2 days off work as quickly as possible. This weekend I hope to blog some photos from that trip but until then...

To make up for it I bring you TWO feedsacks this Friday both in honor of spring!

I was investigating different camera settings with the afternoon lighting. I'm still a novice at photography but this is an improvement from the last time I tried to shoot with this camera.

I also want to say hello and thanks to all of my new followers! I really loved all of the comments on my post last weekend and I just wanted to let my new readers know to expect posts from me on the weekends rather than weekdays due to my work schedule!

Thanks and until next time!


  1. oooh the colours, I love feedsack! I'm currently trying to lose weight so I'm hpping to get to the point where I can make small blouses from a feedsack, I'm a little too big for that amount of fabric right now he he!

  2. oooh, love the colours!!! Perfect for spring and summer!

  3. Thanks ladies! Straight Talking Mama - I am currently up to a super fun project that might let you be able to have more than 1 yard of certain feedsack patterns in the future!! Will post more once the latest proofs arrive!

  4. OMG how exciting! I just cannot get a blouse out of one feedsack I'm a just a little too large in the bust department!