Sunday, March 20, 2011

Brazos Valley Antiquing Adventures: Navasota

Hello again!

It has been too long since I have posted, graduate school got the best of me this past week, but now I have returned to finish telling the story of our adventures last weekend.

After not having the greatest luck in Brenham, we decided to drive to Navasota (approximately 30 minutes east of Brenham) to see if we could have better luck there.

Downtown Navasota

The 1950's movie theater is still the only movie theater in town.
Fortunately for us, the first shop we stopped in was a treasure trove of vintage and antique items stacked about 8 feet tall in every direction we could look in.

As you can see there was a wide selection of items for us to look through and it is definitely a place we will visit again on future adventures.  I did not purchase anything on this trip, but I did take photos of a few of my favorite pieces...

There was a matching set of 1950's poodle book ends.
I loved these poodles, they were in great condition other than being completely covered in dirt. This shop had some other really great mid-century ceramic pieces as well.

Working condition Sunbeam Mixer with original Jadite glass attachments.
 It killed me to not bring home this mixer. I love mixers, which probably has something to do with my job as an experimental baking graduate student, but what I love even more than just a basic vintage mixer? A vintage green mixer. Sadly he was $350 and while he still had all of his original parts and the motor appeared to be in working condition, I would have had the wiring replaced (just to be safe) which would have added even more to the cost. Honestly if I was going to invest that much money into a new mixer it would be a Viking as it is more practical for the type of abuse work that I would need it for.
Vintage sewing caddy or depending on your use, it would make a great jewelry box.
Last but not least, a really cute vintage sewing caddy that I almost took home with me. It was a lovely color, quite functional, but had seen lots of love in it's former days and needed some touch ups and the price was just a bit more than what I would want to pay and I do not have the space for it at the moment.

Navasota was lots of fun. It is a great place to go if you are looking for bargains or to be able to haggle down prices on furniture, pressed glass, and home accessories. I highly recommend stopping by if you are ever out in this area. Now I am off to catch up on a few more posts before this next week begins! I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend!


  1. ohh, you saw some sweet goodies. I like that waterfall dresser/vanity!

  2. That dresser was gorgeous! And a reasonable price too. If I had room for it here it would have definitely come home with me...

  3. It kind of upsets me that all these Antique malls and vintage stores are stocked full of the best vintage items, with no one enjoying all these beautiful things because the sellers put such high price tags on them. I wish that these sellers would make their vintage items more affordable and attainable. Vintage items should be used and marveled at everyday; not stocked in some store collecting dust. I love the pictures of the items you featured.