Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Brief Introduction...

So after ages of following vintage blogs, commenting here and there, I've finally decided to start my own. I plan for this space to be a place where I can ramble on about vintage or reproduction vintage fashion, tell stories of family heirlooms to record some of the family history (before I accidentally forget it), document my feedsack collection, show pretty photos of my garden, and record any other randomness that I see fit. Every once in a while I might post a gluten-free factoid or two but I would prefer for this blog to be more of a "non-work related adventures" blog.

Well thanks for reading, this should be the start of a fun adventure, and please forgive me while I am learning how to use all of these fun Blogger tools...

Outfit: By the fantastic Nudeedudee on Etsy
Photograph: By Ivan Farr