Sunday, August 7, 2011

So I completely fail at blogging!

Hello Everyone!

Forgive me from being noticeably absent of my blog as of late. I have been a bit busy this summer but hopefully I will get back into the habit of blogging soon.

So what have I been up to?

Well I've been to several conferences, an internship, working on publications, and my husband and I have been quite busy starting up our Etsy shop, that some of you may have seen called Victory Fabric.

We are specializing in vintage and feedsack inspired fabrics. We are also dabbling in selling hair accessories as well for those who love the fabric but do not sew like these Rosie the Riveter styled headbands....
We also are planning a few things coming up for Halloween. If you're interested feel free to drop me a line on Etsy. Our Halloween edition fabrics will be HIGHLY limited so message me now if you are interested in reserving yours.

Anyways, I should get back to "normal" blogging soon. I have had a few modeling shoots lately and I am also planning on a few more in the coming weeks so there will be plenty of fun photos and adventures to come. I really have not had too much time to go antique shopping this summer so hopefully this fall will be a bit more eventful and cooler. It has been so terribly hot and dry here, I have forgotten what green grass looks like...

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and until next time!


  1. Whoa, those are some seriously lush fabrics! x

  2. .....let us keep you informed, I only saw the red shoes online....I also wrote asking if they reproduce, but they have not responded, but they told me where to find the red shoes, see the post on their blog

  3. Hello, I found the shoes here, but I think it is a website only European.... LAND GIRL, MISS L FIRE, are available in blue and red....